Environmentally Friendly & Eco Beneficial Cleaning Solutions

Bioremediation refers to any process that uses micro-organisms, (bacteria, fungi, green plants or enzymes) to return a contaminated environment to its original condition. Bioremediation may be employed to attack specific soil contaminants such as petroleum products (oil, gasoline), as well as more harmful contaminants such as chlorinated solvents.

Liquid Cleaners and Enzymes

Pristine lake waters contain many thousands of naturally occurring bacteria per liter. These naturally occurring bacteria maintain the fertility of soil, transform minerals and nutrients in water and sediments, and degrade leaf litter and other plant materials, producing materials useful to other organisms. Our microbes metabolize oil and gas products, converting them to water and harmless gases.

Natural Absorbents

Volcanic minerals used in our absorbents, as well as any unused portions, can be safely discarded with regular household trash, or used as soil filler and moisture retaining materials in gardens.


Our solidifiers and absorbent products are generally regarded as safe by the U.S. FDA. All of our products are non-WHMIS regulated and contain no restrictions for transport.